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Are There Any Special Rules For Composing A Dissertation Outline

Your dissertation outline will tell you want you want to do with your dissertation and tell you what you want to say. There aren’t really any special rules to making a dissertation outline but there are a few different ways that you can create one. Outlining your dissertation is the first step you can take to ensure that you get all the information your need for you dissertation. Since dissertations are so long they tend to have different chapters that you have to fill.

An outline can help you fill those chapters and organize it. You can also see if there is anything else that you can cover that you might have missed. Before you even start your outline, you should do all of your research. Doing all of your research first will help you see all of the facts that you have to put in your outline and then after you compose it, you can see if you could add more. Then you can do more research and add to it. It’s nice to have all of the information right in front of your before you begin to write.

Types Of Dissertation Outlines

  • You can make a linear outline of your dissertation and break it up into sections. You can do the sections in chapters or beginning, middle, and end of each chapter. It’s up to you on how you do it. If you do this should number each section and then create sub sections with letters to keep all of the information together and so it is easier to follow. If it is confusing then you will have a hard time writing your dissertation.
  • Another way that you can do it is to make a concept map. Concept maps start with your topic in the middle, usually in a circle and then you can branch it out with all that you are going to include in your dissertation. This is actually great to use if you are unsure of how to do your dissertation. This will get you creative juice flowing and give you ideas.
  • The last one is great to do because it will have you well organized during the entire process of doing your dissertation. Create a to do list from start to finish on working on your dissertation. As you go, you mark off what you accomplished. This makes it easier to get your work done and you also have a plan.

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