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A list of Unstudied Topics for a Nursing Dissertation

It is essential to come up with an original and unstudied nursing dissertation when it comes time to choose one. You also want to make sure that it is compelling and there is significant research available on the subject.

Elderly Refusal to Eat

  • Elderly individuals may refuse due to physical limitations or psychological or emotional stress. This is a matter that could be discussed.
  • Sickness or malnutrition could become a result, even death.
  • Speak with other nurses about how to help eliminate this problem.

Reducing Stress on Teenagers

  • Teenagers are currently overwhelmed with stress from school and social issues.
  • These kinds of stress typically lead to depression or suicide.
  • Study different ways we can reduce the stress on our teens.

Diabetic Wounds

  • Diabetes can cause a delay in the amount of time it takes for wounds to heal.
  • Infection may occur as well as other serious health issues.
  • Talk to nurses who have worked with diabetic patients in the past and find out their thoughts on the matter and how to eliminate this issue.

Extreme Weather Conditions and Elderly Patients

  • Elderly individuals are sensitive to harsh weather.
  • Hospital temperatures must somehow be managed so that this does not cause more health concerns for these particular individuals.
  • What might be some psychological or physical treatment methods for elderly people exposed to this?

Nursing patients unable to communicate

  • This can become challenging for a nurse to communicate with someone who cannot communicate due to physical or mental disability.
  • You should study ways that nurses can be trained to communicate more effectively to their patients.
  • Speak to other doctors and nurses to find out how new tactics could help nurses and patients communicate better as well as build a better relationship.

Returning to Nursing after an Absence.

  • Returning the nursing profession after a break for any amount of time can be stressful on both nurses and their co-workers.
  • Research solutions for this problem such as therapy groups and other programs that may help ease nurses back into their role.
  • Research different coping methods that other nurses have used to cope with their stress and anxiety. Ask what they would suggest to a nurse coming back into the field after a break of any amount of time.

Those are some interesting topics you could use for your nursing dissertation. There are unlimited options for you if you do your research.


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