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10 Original Psychology Dissertation Topic Ideas

Will cognitive behavioral therapy, help stop a child from growing up to become a criminal? Good question, but is there an answer? This is one way to define a good Dissertation Topic, by finding one that there might not be a conclusive answer to it. Not all Dissertation topics, have to have a solid answer, but they need to present a good question or idea. Is is what will be focused on here.

  1. Questions
  2. Ideas
  3. Can a finding be Inconclusive?
  4. Samples


One of the two things a topic needs to do, is ask, or present, a question. After all, this is a work to present a finding, or possible solutions. So asking a well designed question, is not out of line, but can actually draw a potential reader to want to see what your view is on it. The work is to answer it, as much as it can be answered. And each answer is varied on many factors, that often will only be known by research, and exploring the question.


The other thing, a topic needs to do, is present an idea. Either way, asking a question, or presenting an idea, are both good ways of working a topic. In presenting an idea, the student is saying they believe this is how something works. The dissertation should how how it does, or does not. Never be afraid of disproving yourself. By showing an idea, which is likely thought by many others, and then disproving it, shows better of the student. If they disprove it, it shows they are not afraid of the answers, and will support the findings equally.

Can a Finding Be Inconclusive?

Not everything is cut and dry. Some things do not have a conclusive answer yet, and may never have one. Some things have so many variables, that no one answer will ever fit. Showing this, is what needs to be done.


  • Anxiety and Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety and Brain Chemistry
  • Anxiety vs. ADD
  • Bullying and Teen Suicide; What has changed over the years
  • Kids that know no Strangers
  • Detecting Danger signs in Children
  • The Effectiveness of “***” Medication; pick any drug used today to treat mental illness
  • Define Conscious Intent
  • What other Abilities are affected by Dyscalculia
  • Define how Quality Attention from Care Givers, to Children, Affect Learning Abilities.

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