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A List Of Promising Dissertation Topics In Marketing

Everyone is a seller in this world; some sell their ideas; some their skills; some their words. Each person tries to promote his range of products or services, no matter what profession he indulges in. Marketing has grown into a humongous tenet of the modern world.

Necessity of dissertation

There are too many things of note and credit, but will we ever recognize them if they are not marketed. The MBA and BBA students sharpen their skills by covering a spate of dissertation topics on marketing. Many Ph. D aspirants prepare crisp proposals as a first draft to their final thesis.

Trends keep changing

The world keeps reinventing its marketing strategies. Trends change but one thing remains constant; the flexibility of human mind. We shudder to see the microscopic view of germs on our bodies and trust a certain Handwash. We have to be confirmed by the marketers as to the fuel economy and viability of a certain car. Dissertation topics emerge from here and certain significant events in the marketing arena.

Creation of giants

Many giant enterprises became one through brilliant marketing strategies. Take the case of Google, Apple or Gillette and you will get the point. Dissertation topics should look into relevance and ethicality of a certain marketing event or strategy.

Points to cover

It should also look into the possibility of making the world a global self-sustaining market. It should look into topics relating to brand equity and language barriers. It should keep note of every major breakthrough made by marketing minds.

A credible example

Dissertation topics also cover the rate of improvement. How quickly has black and white television turned to CRT to LCD/LED television? That the people have grabbed each specimen is a major credit to their marketers.

Here is a list of 10 interesting dissertation topics on marketing

  1. What are the downsides of implementing a strategy such as ‘equating the price’?
  2. How is brand image affected by product availability?
  3. Is it ethical for marketers to promote steroids?
  4. What impact do social media have on consumer awareness about brands?
  5. Where should line be drawn on aggressive marketing?
  6. Should there be a regulation into advertisement and marketing of processed food?
  7. How much part does celebrity endorsement play in converting people into customers?
  8. Why do different products require different type of promotions?
  9. What is the level of facilitation or roadblock that language or language barrier can induce?
  10. An insight into the marketing implementation of Apple

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