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Economics Dissertation Topics: 10 Ideas to Consider

Choosing a dissertation topic for an economics course is such a daunting task that some students eschew writing a dissertation altogether, which is sad.

Economics, as a subject, lends itself to such a large playing field that other social sciences feel that it is stepping in their territory. What is it in life that is unrelated to economy? From whether you buy a 1000cc car or a 2000cc one to the choice between breast milk and formula milk, everything IS economics!

While choosing a topic for an economic analysis, some things need to be kept in mind. One size definitely does not fit all. A topic that you find interesting is the topic you willingly invest your time and effort in. It is all the better for you if your department allows for complete freedom in selecting a topic. However, even if it does not do so, the list of topics to choose from is usually quite extensive and it should not be a problem finding the right one for you.

One thing to avoid is to go for a better “sounding” one, or one that is “considered” worthy by most. Choosing a dissertation topic is not about showing off. You can do that later with a well-written dissertation.

Here is a list of some topics that is compiled after looking through various colleges and economics websites that might be the inspiration you need right now:

  • Empirical Modeling of Housing Prices
  • Hegemony
  • The Political Economy of Poverty
  • Is Giving to the Poor Effective in Eradication of Poverty
  • Historical Analysis of Labor Economics
  • Does Trickle Down Economy Work?
  • Is An Economic Alternative Needed?
  • Economy of Competition Policy
  • Is Keynesian Economics Better Than Neoliberalism?
  • Economic Crash of 2008 and Its Impact on World Economy
  • Economic Crash and the USA
  • Political Economy of Unemployment
  • HIV/AIDS in LDC’s
  • Consequences of Market Power in UK’s Retail Banking
  • Globalization and the Environment
  • Economy’s Response to Global Warming
  • Exchange Rates and Macroeconomics
  • Economic Statistics: Are they accurate?
  • Wage Labor and Inequality
  • Wage inequality and Labor
  • Economic Analysis of Selling of public Property
  • Political Economy of the Black Market
  • Economic Impact of Drug Trade
  • Political Economy of the War on Terror
  • Economic Analysis of Keynesianism as Practiced in China

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