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Who can help me with my undergraduate thesis?

There are any number of resources you can call upon as an undergraduate to help in the writing of your thesis. There are all types of assistance available from free, to swap to professional. There are all aspects of your undergraduate thesis which can be dealt with. And the type of help you get and the quality of that help basically gets back to you.

How seriously do you want outside assistance? Do you know exactly what type of help you require?

You see until you have taken a few important steps which are listed below, your search for help is limited or restricted. These are the sorts of things you need to have already decided upon or at least have a pretty good idea about.

  • The topic of your undergraduate thesis.
  • The time frame in which it needs to be completed.
  • The number of words you intend to produce.

Only when you have made decisions about the topics listed above are you in a position to see who can help you. For instance if you have chosen the topic of your thesis, you will presumably have run this by your teacher or professor and gained their approval. So that's the topic locked away. Now you're in a position to think about the type of help you need.

Do you need someone to do research for you and take notes? Do you need assistance with the drawing up of a plan or outline of your thesis? Do you need someone to provide you with a list of relevant research and resource material you will need to study? The more you know about what you need as far as help is concerned, the easier and better it will be for you to find someone appropriate.

So you've drawn up a time frame by which the thesis needs to be handed in. Do you need help creating a timetable with milestones and relevant goals? A well-structured timetable is like an excellent map and it will keep you from going off topic and wasting valuable time.

If you know the number of words you are to write in your thesis, you know the task ahead you. Rather than starting from the beginning and waiting until you've completed all the writing, why not seek help from someone who can give you ongoing feedback and someone who can act as a proofreader for your creation?

The key to finding who can help you with your undergraduate thesis is knowing as much about the thesis as possible.


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