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Creating A Good MLA Format Dissertation Title Page: 4 Basic Rules

Most dissertations relay heavily on the title page for the overall direction of composition. It is in the title page of the essay where you draw a roadmap for the entire paper. Alternatively explained, the entire paper tends to resolve around definitions laid down in the title page of the essay. Hence, in to create a successful research paper, the title page of the essay assumes paramount importance. But what should be the ideal way to go about the title page. Here are four basic rules.

  1. Define the major objectives
  2. The definitions part of the title page bears influence on every dimension of the essay. It is important that you chart out a few important contextual definitions in the title page of the paper. Even more important is to define the major objectives of the paper.

    In order to define the objectives of the paper, it is essential that you stick to the title of the paper itself. Make sure that you do not seek to include more objectives than you can actually deal with in a single paper. Also, evaluate the relevance of the objectives to the purpose of the research and see if the objectives are interconnected.

  3. Seek attention of readers
  4. In order to compose an effective title page, it is important that you learn to seek reader attention as much as possible. Bear in mind that the paper will be evaluated by someone that has an even better understanding of the subject matter. To ensure that they find interest in the title page:

    • Do not give the impression that the title page has been copied
    • Make sure there are clear definitions and objectives
    • Do not stretch the title page too long
  5. Divide the paragraphs carefully
  6. To begin with, you cannot have too many paragraphs in the title page of your dissertation. And since the number of the paragraphs will be expectedly low, make sure they are divided carefully. Do not drag the points of the first paragraph into the second and vice versa.

  7. Avoid making it predictable
  8. The singular flaw that is common to most title pages is that they are too predictable. An experienced professor will be able to see through those lines before the drop of a pin. The one way in which this can be avoided is through your own originality. An original dissertation is the last thing for which the conclusion can be successfully predicted.


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