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The 20 Most Exciting Anthropology Thesis Topic Ideas

One of the larger papers that you may have to write for your anthropology class is a thesis. This is a lengthy paper that you may be asked to write. You dissertation can be considered one of the biggest papers that you will be asked to write. You can find some interesting topic by reading articles in the field of study. You can learn so much when you write your dissertation on a generic topic but you will have to make sure that you write about a specific topic that answers a specific question from your research.

Choosing a topic for this type of paper is not as easy as one would think. Start off with writing down some ideas that you can write about. Create a mini outline that determines whether there is enough information to support your topic or not.

  1. History of cremation: the first cremation discovered
  2. Discovery of oldest stone tools
  3. Human evolution: discovery of chimps making spears
  4. Egg shells as charms: an ancient tradition
  5. Tattooed mummy: Imaging techniques discovery on Oetzi The Iceman
  6. The real Hobbit: fossil study reveals new human species
  7. Tuberculosis in the 18th Century Europe
  8. Possible demise of the Neanderthals: Volcanic Cataclysm
  9. Protein Sequencing: Darwinian link
  10. Language of Gene Switches: throughout time
  11. “Survival of the Fittest”: role of wealth and power
  12. Human diet: Magdalenian phase in Europe
  13. Evolution of the chin: why didn’t Neanderthals have chins
  14. 3-D reconstruction: learning more about the past
  15. Late Jurassic Marine World: fossilized crab remains
  16. Facial variation: a look into Pre-Columbian South America
  17. Isotopic Analysis: a look into Ancient Peruvian life
  18. Repurposing non-coding elements in genome
  19. Evolution of pregnancy in mammals: genomic parasite
  20. Tracing origins of genetic error

Once you have chosen your topic, you will need to start to develop an outline that organizes the information that you will like to talk about in your paper. You should use complete sentences when writing your outline. It will get a lot of the paper already written for you. You can add transitional phrases to the outline to link the main ideas to each other. If you have your main ideas in complete sentences and transitions added on, there will be a large part of your paper that is completed already.


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