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Thesis Help Online: Places You Should Check First of All

  1. Check out any website that has been recommended to you by another student who has used that website. Any personal recommendation is worth spending a bit of time looking at what they offer and how much they are charging.
  2. Look for websites that are offering online help by using a search engine preferably one that looks for dedicated academic support websites as opposed to a websites that offers a writing service.
  3. Once you have found a selection of websites that offer academic support and academic writing start making some comparisons. To do this you will need a checklist.

    Your checklist should include:

    • Does the website have recommendations written by clients who have used the service?
    • Are you able to determine which country the website is based in? Would you be able to contact the company by telephone or y snail mail if needed?
    • Do they offer writers/helpers that specialize in writing about particular subjects (especially the subject area that you are interested in?)
    • Do they have a comprehensive payment system?
    • Are they able to display samples of work by the writers and are they able to provide a sample of work that has been produced by the writer/helper that you may use?
    • Do they offer proofreading and editing?
    • Are they able to offer help in a timely manner?
    • You may also be able to check out recommendations made by other companies that are affiliated to the website.
  4. The most important aspect of any online help is that it needs to be flexible enough to accommodate the services that you need. This is especially important if you need a package of help that is tailored to your needs. This type of tailoring should include tutor support particularly if you need any help with sentence or paragraph construction. Again you need to be able to check out the qualification and experience of the online tutor and the website they are working with.
  5. The best advice is to make a list of your requirements and to stick to that list, make sure that you work with a reputable website, make sure that you have access to your writer and/or tutor and that you have a good liaison with them. If the association works out well the chances are that you will use them again if fro your next piece of work or you will most definitely recommend them to your friends.

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