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A Quick Guide To Help You Survive Your Dissertation Defense

At advanced levels of learning such as University and also depending on the level of degree you are pursuing, there comes a time when you have no option but to face a panel of professors in a bid to defend you thesis or dissertation paper. This happens in all institutions around the world and you better get prepared for it before the big day often laden with challenges comes your way. Well, in many ways, dissertation defense is meant to see one christened an academic scholar or otherwise and this means that before you face your panel, you must be really prepared for lots of questions likely to be asked. So, how best should you face a panel waiting to listen to what you have to present after weeks or months of field research? Do you have enough information to help you sail through? Have you written you dissertation well so that it cuts across all aspects of academic writing? These and many other questions are things you should look into before you face your panel but most importantly, will survive your presentation at the end of the day so that you come out a winner?

Most students find dissertation presentation the most challenging face of academic writing. However, with the right tips on how to survive it, there should be no cause for alarm. While you will come across lots of information purportedly posted by scholars on the web regarding this, you need to ask yourself if it is authentic because application of wrong information will only land you in trouble at the end of the day. In this post, we take you through some basic and quick tips on how to survive presentation of your thesis paper, so take a look.

Cultivating confidence

Well, when it comes to presenting an academic paper, one of the things you should display before a panel of supervisors or professors is confidence. Confidence would at you trust and credibility at the end of the day and it can be expressed through simple ways as maintaining eye contact.

Mastering the flow of your paper

Successful presentation of academic paper is also subject to understanding the flow of your paper and in this case, you should at least have in your mind main facts you have discussed in the paper so that you don’t have to keep referring to a manuscript.


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