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How To Find A Reliable MBA Dissertation Proposal Sample

If you are writing your MBA dissertation proposal, a lot hangs in the balance not the least of which is your ability to get started on your final project requirements. In order for you to start on the dissertation you have to complete the proposal process and have it approved. Many academic institutions are turning toward a proposal as a method of ensuring that the topic you have selected is appropriate and that the literature on the subject matter is sufficient.

The dissertation as well as the proposal therein is both unique pieces of writing, which students have likely not encountered in the past. That being the case, having a sample to follow is one of the most beneficial things you can possibly do. If you have a sample, you will be better able to follow your dissertation requirements with the least amount of effort.

  • When you are looking for a reliable MBA dissertation proposal sample, the first place you want to look is your advisor and review committee. Your advisor is there to help you and you should turn to them first and foremost if you are looking for a sample. The reason is that each academic institution will have different requirements for the proposal. If you find a sample from another academic institution, and you follow it as a template, you might end up submitting the final proposal incorrectly which can result in it being rejected. If you find a sample from your advisor, something which has been submitted by a previous student in your academic institution, you can rest assured that the information inside has been approved by your review committee, and that if you follow it as a template, you will also get approval.
  • If your advisor is unable to help you, you can look at your academic institutions library. Any student who is come before you and completed the dissertation has had the final product published in the library. You can search through your school library for their proposal samples both in print and electronically. If you find a print version, be sure to photocopy the proposal page and bring it home with you so that you can mark on the actual paper. If the copy is electronic, email it to yourself and have a printed tangible copy that you can refer to as necessary.

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