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How to Write My Thesis in a Proper Way: a Professional Viewpoint

If you are struggling with a thesis, have no fear. There are a few writing tips that you can utilize to make your experience easier.

  1. You should start by getting a calendar. The calendar that you have should be multi-faceted, meaning it has weekly sections, monthly, sections, and daily sections. This enables you to keep an eye on the big picture, while also honing in your focus on what needs to be done in the present. You can sit down to work regularly and focus on the daily items you have, and then if a friend invites you out one weekend or you have an upcoming family holiday, you can look at the big picture to see if you can afford the break time-wise.
  2. Create a schedule. You want to create a work schedule and keep to it. Your goal should be to work a little bit each day. Every little bit of effort counts and if you set out to write just a few hundred words each day during the week, you can save up your free time for the weekends, and still meet your thesis deadline. You want to make sure your goals are manageable too. Do not set goals that you know in your gut you will not make. Set reasonable daily goals so that you can meet them each day and inspire more confidence and motivation in yourself.
  3. Have an accountability partner who can help motivate you and push you when you need it. This person should be given a copy of your calendar and your major milestones or deadlines so that they know when to check up on you and when you should be done with an assignment. It can help to have someone to hold you accountable, even if they are not related to your field of study. A friend, parent, or teacher who can merely send you encouraging emails here or there, or check up on your deadlines to make sure you made them will go a long way toward finishing the big project.
  4. Finally, make sure to schedule breaks regularly. With the thesis, you are going to be living and breathing your topic, so take breaks to ensure you protect your sanity and your health and can stay on topic throughout the duration of your project until the very end.

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