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How to Find a Reliable Dissertation Assistant on the Web

You need to follow the given steps in order to find a reliable assistant for your dissertation. The first few steps are quite simple.

  1. Search using the right keywords
  2. Check their reputation
  3. Compare the pricing of different assistants
  4. Ask them about their experience
  5. Check their availability
  6. Ask them for their availability. Dissertation writing is a lengthy task and you will need constant assistance. When you hire someone online, you can have time zone differences too. Prefer to hire someone in your time zone or ask them if they can set up a routine with you.

  7. Talk to them over phone

    Sometimes chat is not enough. You need to see that a real person is guiding you and that whether they are qualified or not. You can judge people over the call better than on chat. You can see if they are confident, confused, lying, truthful, interactive, creative, or dumb. Before you hire anyone, makes sure you have conversed over the phone with them at least for once.

  8. Describe your requirements

    Tell them what you are looking for in your dissertation. If you have no idea what to specify, you can pass the instructions given to you by your teacher. Make sure you are very clear on the instructions because they will follow them to know what you want.

  9. Ask for suggestions

    You need to see how good this person is at his task. During your call or chat, you can stop right away and ask them what they think about it. It is a good way to test people. Do not give them everything on your own. Ask them to contribute their ideas and suggestions in the dissertation. Remember, do not hesitate in asking them a question, you are going to pay for their service so it should be well worth.

  10. Get their contact details

    One phone number is not enough, ask them for their email contact, their substitution phone number and other places where you can contact them. It is okay to ask them for a landline number that is available 24/7.

  11. Hire them

    Once you are satisfied with the assistant and his qualifications you can hire them through the site or platform they are available at. Make sure that you never pay them 100% in advance. You can either pay them 50% or set milestones and keep paying along the way.


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