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Online Website Offerings Can Sell You a Dissertation

There are many websites that market dissertations. Most offer multiple services, such as both buying and selling, not only dissertations, but theses, term papers, etc. These websites cover virtually all aspects of thesis writing, including the abstract, the introduction, the hypothesis, the literature review, the methodology, the results, the discussion, the conclusion, the dissertation proposal, the thesis, the thesis statement, the thesis proposal, and the research proposal. The websites break down the construction of the dissertation into parts and explain how to put together the components of each part. This is done in part to educate the consumer, so that he/she knows the make-up of the product he is purchasing. The student will be able to look the thesis over and judge for himself to judge if he feels it is well written and of the desired quality.

Some of the most noted websites offering these services are

  • ProQuest
  • Master’s Thesis Writing
  • Websites Which Sell Dissertations
  • These and Dissertations
  • Doc4Sale
  • Sell Term Paper Online
  • Make Money Online
  • Buy Dissertation Online
  • Academic Buy Dissertations

Each has their virtues but each also has unique features which make them stand out alone on the market.


ProQuest offers the option of the student doing the research himself or he can ask the company to do it for him. He can order the service on a scheduled basis or not. Data can be selected through the company’s data base on a .pdf per subject according to the student’s needs. The company offers to do a review of the data base themselves for the bibliography, if the student wishes, using keywords. They offer training webinars, pdf’s on all subjects, including law, marketing, aids, cancer, technology, engineering, African American Culture and History. They also offer audio visual material on How to Do Research.

Master’s Thesis Writing

Master’s Thesis Writing offers custom dissertation writing, all of which is original and passes Copyscape. It is all written to the student’s specification by style manual, be that MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style or other. The company has a database available for research on virtually any subject the student may choose. The website offers help with the student’s argument, in the choosing of it, in the formulation of it, in the development of it, and in the resolution of it. They help with format and grammar, and offer services that assure the student of the authenticity and quality of their work.


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