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Is it Possible to Obtain a PhD Dissertation Example for Free?

The life of a doctorate student is one of the hardest college lives any student can live through. To be a doctorate student is an accomplishment in itself, but the amount of work that comes with your assignments and having to complete a PhD dissertation is hugely time consuming and will vacuum all the energy you have to put towards the dissertation.

Dissertations are long and mean a lot for your academic career. Depending on the value and subject of your dissertation you may be offered different positions or careers. One university may offer a permanent position in their faculty or a publishing company may want you to write a more in depth book based on your dissertation.

It is recommended to obtain PhD dissertations examples for free before starting your own. This is helpful for various reasons. You can take a look at what made previous dissertations successful, what has already been explored on your field, what is there little dissertations on, and how can you make your dissertation original.

  • Most universities have their faculty’s dissertations available in their libraries. When you ask your librarian where the professor’s dissertations are and they can lead you towards the right direction. It is helpful to have an idea of the specific field or department the professor is in to able to find the dissertation quicker.
  • Online scholarly journals and sources will contain a database of various articles and dissertations depending on the field. If you are looking for literature dissertations it would be helpful to first search for “literature scholarly journal database,” then in that website type in the keywords of the kinds of dissertations you are looking for. This can also be done with other fields or other databases like physics or forensics.
  • You can also search for dissertation by searching in through a search engine. Most of the major search engine websites will have a “scholar” section which is where the journals and articles will be stored in these websites. They usually have link the free dissertation website or will have the actual dissertation posted through a document reader for you to read for free.

Now that you know a few places for you to obtain a PhD dissertation example for free, your own dissertation should succeed and benefit from the examples you have read.


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