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Choosing A Good Project Management Dissertation Topic

Are you taking a course in project management and you need some good topics that you can use for your dissertation? Do not worry, there are so many brilliant ideas out there that you can use to help you present one of the best papers you have ever done in your life. This is a course that will see you deliver some of the finest work you have ever done before. There are a number of institutions that consider this to be a course that their employees can take in order for them to be eligible for an advancement in their careers. This is how important this course is for you.

Depending on the level within which you are taking up a project management course, there are so many brilliant ideas that you can think about which will go so far in helping you present one of the best ever project management dissertation topics. We will look at some sample topics herein, and hopefully you will be able to find something useful.

  • Discuss the importance of virtual teams in management
  • Explain how you would achieve an acceptable return on investment in your company as a project manager
  • Discuss the role of systemic thought process in the management cycle
  • As a manager, you have been tasked with coming up with relevant skills that would help in driving your company forward. Discuss what soft skills are in this respect, and explain how you would implement them in a bid to make your company achieve the goals that you strive for
  • From time to time the senior executives in the company call the shots. Most of the time the other managers just happen to use what has been passed down to them. You are a junior level manager and you have realized that the direction the senior management is taking is wrong and will lead to failure. You have come up with an elaborate plan that will work and will help the company. Discuss how you would sell this idea to the senior management and make them see the benefit in the long run, and accept it
  • Discuss some of the risk management methods that you would implement if you were working in a Fortune 500 company
  • Discuss the importance of sending students and employees for refresher courses in project management
  • Explain the importance of people to management

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