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Where To Search For An Excellent Sample APA Dissertation

Depending on your school and course of study, you are likely to find yourself needing to write a dissertation at some point using the APA style. When that time comes, unless you are a certified genius with an eidetic memory, you'll want to find some examples to use as guidelines. This article is intended to give you some hints on how you can find them.

Look In Your Own Yard First

The first place to look is in your student handbook or your school's website and online guides. One of these resources should have some form of guide that you can follow, but it's possible that you won't find one. In this case, it's time to go searching.

Search For It!

Is it possible to find the style guide required by your school? It should be as simple as typing in “APA style guide (your school)” into your favorite search engine and clicking Search. If you're studying at one of the better-known schools, you'll probably find a guide online somewhere that is pertinent to you. If (Heaven forbid!) you're enrolled at Colonel Mustard's School of the Arts and Sciences, you should probably go back to that search engine and simply type in the words “sample APA dissertation.” This will bring you a number of results, and most of them may look great at first glance, but let's use some sensible judgment, here.

Generic May Be Best

In the list of results that you see, how many of them are specific to a particular school? Were you lucky enough that your own school appears in that list? If not, then I suggest you take all those with the proverbial grain of salt, for they may not match the opinion of APA that is held by your own dissertation committee. In this case, it might be better to search for “APA dissertation blogs,” because you'll find a number of general examples of how to format your thesis or dissertation that are likely to fall at least close to what your school wants.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Once you've chosen the guide you want to follow, begin writing and present your introduction to your advisor. Ask for his or her input on the style and whether you are achieving what the committee will be expecting. The response you get should lead you closer toward the style format you need to follow.

Of course, sometimes it's simply necessary to choose a guide and go with it. In this case, I suggest that you simply carry out a Google search as there are many resources available that you can use.


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