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Finding Free Sources with IT Dissertation Topics

How to write an excellent IT dissertation?

  • Step #1: Choose a topic in the Information Technology concerning concepts, theoretical applications, components, and philosophy.
  • Step #2: The topic chosen to write about the in the IT dissertation should be current and trending.  It must be current and trending because the field of technology is always evolving and changing.
  • Step #3: Once chose the topic, must draft your thesis question, and outline the research method that will be used to answer the thesis question.
  • Step #4: Start gathering your sources and materials on the topic to begin taking notes on it for the IT dissertation.
  • Step #5: Start taking notes from the sources and materials gathered and do an outline to organize the notes.
  • Step #6: The student has to do at least two drafts of the dissertation before writing the final one.
  • Step #7: The student has to have their supervising professor and classmate proofread their dissertation before turning it in.  Proofreading the dissertation ensures that it is checked for grammar problems, misspelled words, and sentence structure issues.
  • Step #8: Ensure that all the sources that were quoted in the dissertation are properly cited in the List of References and Bibliography sections.
  • Step #9: Print out a copy of the final draft of the dissertation to review it very carefully.
  • Step #10: Turn in your IT dissertation to your supervising professor of the dissertation committee.

Where to get good topics for an IT dissertation for free?

  • Can get a good topic from a technology magazine, journal, or periodical.
  • Can get a good topic from your IT professor.
  • Can get a good topic from the latest trends in information technology from the web.
  • Can just look around your environment and surroundings to find a good topic in information technology.

What are some good topics for an IT dissertation?

  • The history of computer programming.
  • How computers were first used in the 20th Century?
  • What is cyber security and the importance of it?
  • Has computers and social media taken the place of personal connection between human beings?
  • Does artificial intelligence really exist?
  • How hacking started and what has been the basic reasoning for hacking?
  • How to protect your personal information on the web or internet?
  • Will computers outsmart human beings in the near future?
  • What are the biggest trends in information technology?
  • Why are children more computer savvy than adults?

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