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15 Great Dissertation Topics Related To Visual Merchandising

What is the most important thing in a dissertation related to visual merchandizing? Most people would think it’s research and its results. Rare students treat the topic of their project as something that plays any big role. They hardly realize that the topic is the thing that guides the research and determines its findings, in fact.

The Importance of a Good Dissertation Topic

A good topic for a visual merchandising project is the one that helps you conduct deep, interesting, and unique research in this sphere. It’s not overly explored but there’s enough reference material to support your statements and conclusions.

In addition to the scientific interest, the topic should be interesting to you. The topic is really good if it attracts your attention and you feel excited about the research.

Where to Get a Nice Visual Merchandising Dissertation Topic

If you need an interesting idea related to visual merchandising, try searching on the Internet. You can also find very good ideas in libraries while looking through reference literature. In case you cannot find anything that would seem worthy, turn to your supervisor and ask for some guidance. You can also turn to a reliable online writing lab or a students’ forum where people share interesting ideas.

Visual Merchandising Topic Suggestions

  1. The importance of smart visual merchandising for the success of a store.
  2. The main principles of placing accents on certain goods with the help of their background.
  3. The eye level as the most successful location for the target goods.
  4. The importance of variety. How to make the same assortment more attractive to customers?
  5. Logics and intuition in the location of goods of the same type within a group.
  6. Visual merchandising as a means of promotion that hides drawbacks and stresses advantages of goods.
  7. The importance of visual merchandising for different types of stores: department stores, fashion boutiques, cosmetics shops, etc.
  8. The influence of visual merchandising on the unplanned shopping.
  9. Ways to make shopping especially pleasant with the help of visual merchandising.
  10. The evolution of visual merchandising and its most effective tools through the recent decades.
  11. The role of smart visual merchandising in the increase of sales with minimal expenses.
  12. Visual merchandising or the way customers see goods.
  13. Visual merchandising and the importance of an emotional appeal.
  14. The influence of the smart location of goods in shop windows on the customers’ final decision.
  15. Catching and keeping the attention of customers. Tricks of visual merchandising.

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