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5 Problems That Make Dissertation Defense So Complicated

Dissertation writing is not an easy task as you have to look after so many quality factors. It is almost always a compulsory university requirement in order to attain your degree. You can never get a university degree without clearing your dissertation. It can waste your whole academic year if you are unsuccessful in clearing it in the first attempt. Therefore, it is important that you give full consideration and importance to all the factors that are required for writing a quality dissertation.

Top 5 problems that make your dissertation defense so complicated:

The following is a list of the top 5 problems which most of the students commit and then make their dissertation defense very complicated:

  1. Not meeting deadlines – All universities have their own rules about the deadlines. Usually, students are given several milestone deadlines such as deadlines for their dissertation proposal submission, deadline of literature review submission and several other deadlines. If students fail to meet these deadlines, then it affects their overall scoring.
  2. Submitting an incomplete and poorly formatted bibliography – Bibliography is a very important part of a dissertation. It has a very difficult format as well, no matter whichever referencing style you use. Students make a lot of trouble for themselves by not formatting it properly according to the referencing style. This can cost students dearly in the acceptance of their dissertation. Further, another mistake that students make is that they write an incomplete bibliography by missing out a lot of critical information related to the reference they are using.
  3. Limited research problems – A lot of students today and in the yester years as well have the problem that they do very limited research. They think that something they are looking to write is unique and has never been done before. But in reality, it has been done several times before or at least there must be one instance of that particular work in the past. The only problem is that students don’t research well and in return pay heavily for it.
  4. Spelling and editing mistakes – A lot of students today overlook this critical aspect of spellings and editing. They are critically important as much as any other thing in your dissertation. Neglecting them will definitely cost you a lot.
  5. Limited introduction and conclusion – Writing a limited introduction and the conclusion part is also a critical problem with students. They should give both sections their due share.

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