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5 Basic Rules Of Selecting A Thesis Writing Service

Despite what you might think, finding a trustworthy and reliable thesis writing service can be quite complicated. Before selecting a company and handing over your payment information you want to consider some basic rules during your selection process. Here are the five basic rules we think are the most important:

Rule #1: Checking Independent Customer Reviews

Before you settle on a service provider you want to get an idea of what others are saying online. There are plenty of independent review sites to visit, but what is most important is that you read more than just a handful of comments or reviews. Any company can post positive reviews of itself, so you want to get a full picture by reading both positive and negative comments.

Rule # 2: Checking for Services and Pricing Scales

You never want to get caught having to pay more than you originally thought. When selecting a thesis writing company you want to make sure what services you are getting for specific pricing points. Some companies will include one or two revisions free of cost, but others will charge a premium if those revisions are requested in the last minute. Think about the different scenarios you might find yourself in and be sure you have a good idea how much you will be spending.

Rule #3: Grading Customer Support Response

A good thesis writing service will more often than not always have a really good customer support system in place. Expect fast responses, excellent communication, and direct answers. No matter how you contact customer support – email, chat, or by telephone – you shouldn’t feel as though you are getting the run around or are being avoided.

Rule #4: Understanding Terms and Conditions

Don’t forget to read all of the fine print that appears at the bottom of the page or appears several pages into a company’s website. Most thesis writing companies will have a long list of guarantees that only apply if certain conditions are met. For instance, one of the trickiest ones is understanding what an A+ guarantee actually means. If your paper receives a B+ does this mean you get your money back?

Rule #5: Ensuring You Work with Experienced Writers

Most companies claim to hire only experience writers. The only way to be certain is if you ask the customer service representative to show you a writer’s profile as well as some sample pieces proving that his or her expertise meets your criteria. If the information isn’t provided then you’re better off trying out another company.


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