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How To Start An Undergraduate Dissertation On Domestic Violence

The manner in which you start your dissertation will determine the reception it gets from readers. The start should be strong enough to entice readers into reading through all the chapters. A weak start offers nothing to encourage a reader into perusing deeper into your work. How then do you start a paper on domestic violence and ensure that it is captivating enough?

  • Have a Specific Topic
  • Readers will be attracted to a paper by its topic. Your choice of topic should indicate clear intentions. The topic should set research boundaries without being too broad or too specific. A broad topic denies you the opportunity to address issues in detail while a very specific topic denies you the chance to provide a comprehensive view of issues. A captivating topic is the best way to start any paper.

  • A Clear Thesis Statement
  • The thesis statement provides a hint of the direction you are going to steer the debate. This is important at the beginning of your work. It enables a reader to understand the purpose of undertaking the study. Ensure that your thesis statement is clear to enable a reader to develop genuine expectations.

  • Use a Quotation
  • A lot has been said about domestic violence. Choose catchy words by a renowned advocate or personality and let the statement provide direction to your work. The quotation provides direction or a point of departure for your arguments. It does not have to support your arguments. You may use a statement that is controversial in order to agree or disagree with it. A word from a prominent personality will help you capture the attention of your reader.

  • Statistics
  • Global and domestic institutions release startling statistics from time to time. These figures are credible grounds upon which an argument can be made. The statistics will help create a point of focus and provide direction for your argument. Ensure that the statistics you use are from credible sources to avoid misleading the reader or denting the credibility of your dissertation.

  • Story
  • The fact that you have chosen domestic violence as your topic means that it is a social concern. There are graphic stories on domestic violence that will grip the attention of the public. Use such a story to start your paper. Use of pseudo names is allowed in such stories. The story must relate with the perspective you wish to adapt in your story.


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