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10 Great Law Dissertation Topics for University Students

Dissertations in Law

If you are a student of law, you already know it is a vast subject. It has many further divisions dealing with specific areas of concern. There are subjects of criminal law, civil law, immigration law, marriage and divorce, human rights and much more. There is a legal procedure for every aspect of human life. If individuals and communities fail to follow these legal procedures, they break certain laws and are accountable for it. If you were to write a dissertation in law, it would be best that you pick a real life event that you experienced and go deep down to it. The responsibility of a researcher is not to look at the superficial issues but to go deep down and identify the root causes for this problem.

How university students should choose a topic

If you are in the university then you should be prepared in advance for the upcoming dissertation or thesis. Every student who enrolls in an advanced level degree program needs to submit a thesis or dissertation to the university officials to be able to get their degree. Some of these universities require you to publish your work as well. You need to be very careful with choosing a topic for your dissertation. It is the foundation of your thesis and it needs to be perfect.

Ten great topics for students of Law

If you are having trouble with choosing a reliable topic for your law dissertation then you need to look at the following examples. They will give you an idea about how your topic should look like

  1. Are the laws for self defense effective enough or should there be further improvisations to them?
  2. The current laws for domestic violence do not provide enough security to the victims
  3. Is death penalty a good way to punish to the criminals or should it be banned across the world
  4. What are the laws for freedom of speech and expression in the Eastern Europe
  5. Discuss the role of police and their ability to question the suspects in accordance with the current terrorism in UK
  6. Are human right laws implemented for the betterment of individuals or communities or do people with higher authorities have the power to manipulate the laws
  7. Is it true that poverty is the biggest crime, discuss in light of case studies from UK
  8. What is the convention of Human Rights?
  9. How do people get away with holding illegal ammunitions without a license or permit
  10. Is it okay to hit or harass the accused without him seeing his lawyer first?

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