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Important Things To Remember While Editing Your Dissertation

When you are ready to obtain your PhD degree, you will need to write your dissertation. It is a necessary and important step in the doctoral program. It can take up to a year to research and to write. There are many steps in the process.

Once you have finished the research and your first draft, you will want to proof and to edit the piece. This is important, since a superior paper riddled with mistakes, becomes an inferior piece. Use our list of important things to remember as you edit your dissertation or hire an expert editor to help you with this task.

Things to Remember

  • You may be very tired and it is difficult for you to see your mistakes, if you feel you can’t do the job properly, then hire a freelance writer or a writing company. Now is not the time to skimp on money. Some people hire two edits, so that two different professional look at the piece.
  • You are editing two different things. If you do this yourself, you need to know that you are looking for content errors and omissions and then structure and mechanic errors. You should read the paper knowing which of the two you are editing at the moment.
  • You should utilize the writing lab as you research and compose the piece. If you have a system of edits in the lab that happen as you write, then you end edit will not be such a major project. This will make the whole process less stressful.
  • This process should be done in chunks of time and chunks of the paper. You should not rush the process and you should never do it in one sitting. You run the risk of having your edits become new errors if you rush the process.
  • No matter whether you edit or you have a professional edit; other eyes will need to look at it for you. Make sure that one of these people who look at the piece is your faculty advisor. You also need to make sure that another expert in your field also looks at the piece for you.
  • As other people look at your important piece, make sure that their suggestions do not make you lose your voice. The paper was written by you and should reflect your voice and your writing style. No matter who edits it, make sure you remain true to your style and voice.

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