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How Can I Write My Dissertation in a Month

If you are given a dissertation, and for whatever reason have neglected it until there is but one month left, you will have to work quite hard to play catch up. That being said, it is not impossible… just challenging. And if you are up for the challenge, consider these tips:

  1. Create a viable work schedule. You will have to set aside a certain amount of hours each day for the next month in which to work solely on your dissertation. Given the large size of the project, you will need to set aside about three to four hours each day to compensate for the time lost. At this point, your research should be done and the writing is all that is left, but if that is not the case, then dedicate one entire week to researching full time until you have the appropriate number of documents and related information for your dissertation.
  2. When you create your work schedule, it is best for your mind if you work at the same time each day, or at least with regularity. So if your schedule fluctuates Tuesday and Thursday, but you can still get your three hours of work in, but in the morning rather than the evening, go with that. You can work in the morning on Tuesday and Thursday and in the evenings the other days. As you will be working for an extended period of time, you will have to account for breaks too. Make sure you take breaks every hour for about ten minutes. During this break, walk around, look outside the window for a minute rather than at your computer screen, and stretch. This will boost creativity and improve your focus.
  3. Make sure you keep a regular workload each day. Set a goal of writing two thousand words each day, or one thousand each day. Calculate how much you will have to write minimally each day for the next month in order to meet your deadline, and still have time to edit the paper. Then raise the bar by a few hundred words and make that your daily minimum. By exceeding your daily minimum by a few hundred words each day you will give yourself more time to revise and edit in the end, and won’t have a panic attack if you are sick one day.

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