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Getting a Doctorate Degree without Writing a Dissertation: Does It Count?

If you are applying for your doctorate degree but you are given a school or a program that does not require a dissertation you may be questioning whether getting a doctorate degree without writing a dissertation actually counts. The answer is “no”.

It does not count.

The dissertation is a major part of getting the doctorate degree. It is an integral part and without you are not really taking on the full challenge of the doctorate program nor are you completing all of the requirements. It is important that you find an institution which does not short change you and instead offers you the same opportunities that every other institution will offer students.

Think of the dissertation as the most beneficial tool you have. The dissertation is a chance for you to really showcase the contributions that you can make to the academic world. It is a chance for you to prove your worth as an academic and a researcher. With the doctorate degree you have to prove that you can make significant and important contributions to the field. You have to prove that you can hold your own and that you can think critically. That is why you are assigned the dissertation when you are completing the degree.

For the most part your academic career consists of conducting research and participating in research work that is run by other people. You are always with another person. You always have someone to look over your shoulder and watch your back to ensure you are able to complete the write up properly or develop the methodology properly. But the dissertation is a chance to do this on your own. It is a chance for you to lead and for you to show that now you have the skills and the tools to be the person looking over the shoulder of others and helping them to ensure they do not make any mistakes.

So if you are offered a program which does not require this as a major part of your achievements then it is not a valuable program and it should be avoided at all costs by yourself and by others. Do not cut yourself short. Make sure that you find a program which requires you to be your best and do your best. Make sure you find a program that makes the dissertation a key component.


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