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Do You Need A Thesis For A Master's Degree: Vital Advice

Prior to applying for and resumption of a graduate program, it is important you make findings to ascertain if you will need to write a thesis in order to get your Master’s degree. This long paper, apart from the fact that it sums up your work and experience within the period of your graduate program, it is also a proof that you have successfully completed all the requirements for receiving a Master’s degree. Although there are certain schools that offer options that does not require you to write this long paper, you should also know that it involves taking more courses than those who are to write papers at the end of their graduate programs.

Most schools though require that a thesis be written before you can graduate. This brings us to the issue of this paper’s importance and why it is necessary that you have to submit a paper that takes lots of time, energy and resources to complete before you can graduate. Writing this paper is an opportunity for you to utilize the research and writing skills you have learnt during the period of the graduate program. Apart from this, it goes a long way to prove that you really did gain knowledge in your chosen field of study. This is especially visible if you are able to demonstrate a strong grip on the topic of your paper without beating about the bush.

Another good thing about writing a thesis for your Master’s degree is on the area of defense. After all the research, writing, proof-reading and more writing, you still have to stand in front of chosen professors and some of your peers to defend your work. This is geared towards enhancing your thinking and speaking abilities. It also maximizes your chances of mastering the topic your paper is based on. If you choose, you can even publish your paper later. This is one sure way of gaining a strong footing in your chosen field.

Finally on the importance of writing a thesis for your Master’s degree, it is a stepping stone if you have a keen interest in research or better still, have plans to complete a doctorate degree later in the future. That way, writing a dissertation for your doctorate will not seem like a load of work because you have done something similar with your Master’s degree paper. If however, you are more interested in applied knowledge, you can opt for non-thesis program. It’s your choice to make.


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