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Writing A Winning Dissertation Proposal Literature Review: Basic Tips

College is a time for coming of age. You are no longer a high school student who will be forever seen as a teenager incapable of responsible decision making. But then again, you have not yet fully entered the adult world (in most cases anyway). As a mark of the end of this limbo period in your life, you will find that you are expected to complete a dissertation. Without this your course of study is not considered to be over at all.

This paper is preceded by a proposal in which you convince members of your faculty that your ides are well enough thought out to produce good research. The tips that follow can help you to create its literature review:

  • Acquire the guide booklet for the style you will be using
  • Are you studying a social science? Then most likely the American Psychology Association’s APA style is what you are expected to use. Are you studying a humanity? Perhaps the MLA style is expected of you. Which ever style, find its guide booklet and study well.

  • Look for a few examples that will show you what to do
  • A sample paper can show you all the rules as followed by someone else. You can see what it is supposed to look like when it all comes together. Get as many as you think you need. They should not cost you much if anything at all.

  • Get a good template
  • This shows you exactly where everything you need to include is expected to go. When you are confused, refer to the template instructions.

  • Have someone who understands this type of research assist you
  • Friends can be extremely useful in this situation. Ask someone to explain the hard parts to you. They may be the easy parts to them and you will never know for sure unless you swallow your pride, abandon reservations and ask.

  • Hire someone to help you with this one step
  • This may not be the easiest option. Many people look on the completion of the dissertation with pride and would feel like cheaters for getting any help even with something so minor. The thing is, formatting can b done by anyone. The literature review is only reflective of the hard work you have already put in to structure your proposal. Hiring help does not in any way diminish that.


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