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The dissertation is the final project before graduation which can be quite time consuming.

How to Begin:

The first stage to starting the dissertation writing is to decide on your topic. With this type of writing you have the chance to explore your topic and research it in depth, expounding upon previous study, and focusing on a subject that is of high interest to you. Ideally, completion of the dissertation will only develop your interest in this topic further.

The topic can be one that relates to the career of your dreams. While this piece of writing is certainly hard work, it will be quite a rewarding experience because of individual academic achievements it brings and the opportunity is provides to let your imagination and ideas flow.

Choosing your topic is not always a fast and easy process. For some people, the idea pops into their head immediately. For others, it takes a more systematic approach to find the right question. Some students find too many ideas, others find too few.

You should consider rudimentary background research before you start.


  • Speak to a staff member or advisor early on about any ideas you are developing. Have a general discussion about these ideas and see what they think
  • Talk to other students in your grade or in an online forum about the ideas
  • Draw upon any issues or unresolved questions you may have had lingering from other classes
  • Use your assigned reading from other courses to help develop the right topic
  • Use media to find topics related to your area of study, and refine it by topical issues that relate to your field
  • Familiarize yourself with the support and research tools available to you. For example: if you have a school library, acquaint yourself with its physical layout, the machines, where things are located, when their hours are, how to reserve study rooms, and how to use the database system. Doing this ahead of time will save you quite a bit of time when you sit down to actually work on the dissertation
  • Use your personal experience to help refine your topic
  • Review academic journals
  • Try and find books by highly reputable authors that relate to your topic, especially those books which you personally find interesting

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