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Working on a Doctoral Dissertation Conclusion: Improve Your Writing Skills

When you are working on a doctoral dissertation conclusion and want to improve your writing skills you should adhere to the following:

  1. Avoid ignoring your plan.

    Even if you create a work schedule or map out the things you need to do in order to complete your paper you will not get far if you do ignore your plan. Make sure that you commit to the plan you are making and that you stick to your schedule. This will ensure that you finish your paper on time.

  2. Avoid missing your deadline.

    If you have to submit different parts to your final paper such as an outline or a first draft make sure that you do it on time. Even if you are not graded on a timely submission it will reflect poorly on you if you miss them or are late. It will make it seem as though you do not care about the course or the paper.

  3. Avoid failing to make progress. You want to evaluate your progress regularly. Do not let a week go by and think “I will get to it tomorrow” without evaluating how far you have actually come compared to how far you actually have to go. Make sure that you keep track of your progress even if no one requires updates.
  4. Avoid failing to communicate any problems with your teacher. If you are struggling to finish the paper or you do not understand the prompt then talk to your teacher. Perhaps you had what you thought was a great prompt and the teacher approved but then you realized mid way through the project that the majority of research out there supports the opposition. If this is the case speak with your teacher about changing the parameters and switching sides or picking a new topic. Do not struggle alone and produce a poorly written paper all because you did not communicate properly.
  5. Avoid ignoring edits or suggestions. If your teacher gives you back an edited draft take their notes into consideration. Do not blow them off or ignore them. They are useful and might be able to help you. If you ask someone to edit for you take their notes into consideration too. Do not insult their efforts by not incorporating the advice. This will only results in delays on your behalf. If you do not agree with an edit or suggestion made by your teacher then defend yourself and explain why not.

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